Pistol Permit / Basic Handgun Safety Course

Cost $95.00

Effective January 4th 2017 In addition to teaching the NRA Basic Pistol Course we now offer an ALTERNATIVE OPTION. The State of Connecticut Special Licensing and Firearms Unit has approved a proprietary lesson plan that meets all the requirements for persons seeking Pistol Permit status in the State of Connecticut. The course will be 8 hours in person and cost $95. All of our certificates will be accompanied by a State of Connecticut DESPP approval letter.

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A one day (all day) class that meets the State requirement for pistol permit application. All Instructors are NRA Certified. Course fee covers all materials. Attendees are encouraged to visit their local Police Departments and get an application form which should be brought to the class for Instructor sign-off.

We also recommend taking our Self Defense and Firearms Law class. The law does not see ignorance as a defense!

Certification includes:

  • Part of both Revolver and Semi Auto
  • Firearm safety and range rules
  • Learning about different types of ammunition
  • Different types of ammunition malfunctions
  • Learn the six fundamentals of shooting
  • Hands on training for learning how to load, fire and unload both Revolver and Semi Auto pistol
  • Then live fire shooting a .22lr revolver and a semi auto pistol
  • We also give discounts for children up to 17 years old.

The process of getting your CT Pistol Permit

Resident Permit

You need to go to the police station in the town you live in and ask for a pistol permit application.

Non Resident Permit - Contact CT DPS for application

Fill out the application fully, following the instructions included in the packet. Note that parts of the application will need to be notarized.

Once you have the application all filled out and notarized then you will make an appointment at the police station for finger printing.

When going to get finger prints done make sure you bring your completed application and certificate from your safety class and once you have your finger prints you will take everything to the permits department.

For more information visit the CT Department of Public Safety - Special Licensing and Firearms Unit.

To ensure a seat in the class, you must pre-register.

There are 2 ways to register:

  • Come to the range and leave a deposit,
  • Call the range and leave a deposit over the phone