Training, without a doubt, is time consuming, expensive and more often than not – inconvenient.

Sometimes training is mandated or at times, a sound business imperative. Selecting your source of training can be as important as selecting your bank or legal representation. In today's litigious society, selecting your training source may have a direct impact on your financial and/or legal well being.

Although Connecticut is a heavily regulated State, one of those areas of business that does not come under such regulation is the training industry. Therefore, it falls to the EDUCATED CONSUMER, to qualify your training source.

Questions you may wish to ask, or get answers to, prior to committing your employees to a course of training:

  • Is your training source a legitimate, structured company doing business in the State?
  • Is training the primary focus of the business or is it a short term profit center?
  • How long have they been in business?
  • Are there qualified and verifiable references from other users?
  • What are the verifiable credentials of the trainers?
  • Is the provider operating out of their house; car or borrowed location?
  • How many qualified trainers are on staff?
  • Depending on the nature of the training – does your provider have to rent/barrow appropriate facilities/equipment?
  • Is your trainer willing and able to tailor programs to meet your specific needs?
  • Is your trainer insured?

At Applied Protection Concepts, Inc., we welcome and encourage questions such as these and any others that you may have. We are confident that when you, the customer, take the time to qualify your training source, you will select APC, Inc. as your training source of choice.

We remain dedicated to our mission which is "achieving professionalism through training – one person at a time".

Since 1987, we have established an impressive list of satisfied clients. We have worked hard to develop the reputation that we enjoy. We will not and do not compromise our ethics or integrity for business. We will work hard to earn the privilege of adding your company name to our list of satisfited clients.